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One other question, if you are taking/giving yourself injections of B12, whichever kind, daily for a week, then have done it weekly for two weeks and have your blood drawn, knowing that it was 151 or lower when you started (the 151 was in Dec. I started the injections in April) I think that the doctor told me that she would expect to see it abnormally high, like in the thousands, initially instead of 457. Is that correct?


Jan, it’s my understanding that different folks respond to b12 injections in different ways — and Chris is right — you need the methylcobalamin, preferrably without preservatives. You can get this at compounding pharmacies, but need a prescription from a doctor.

I just read a study where a 67 year old woman with ‘white matter’ showing up on her MRI’s had complete resolution of her symptoms with high-dose b12.

Google “B12 deficiency is commonly misdiagnosed” and you’ll pull up lots of information and hope.

Best regards,


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I would also try to get a second or third or fourth opinion. Clearly the injections aren’t given frequently enough, and again, aren’t the right form of b12.

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Hi all,

Well, there have been developments since I last posted. My Methyl whatever is fine, I have been tested for everything that has been discussed on here. I have not taken too many or much prevacid, I had an endoscopic and colonoscopic exam with biopsies, no celiac, chrons, cancer etc. We are leaving no stones unturned. My lumbar punch came back with a protein level of 123. I have not had my B12 checked again, I am doing that again tomorrow, and I am on once a week again, plus I am going to do a 24 hour check for heavy metal poisoning. I am not as concerned about the form of B12, I am concerned with my levels getting at least to 500 and not stopping progression. So, herein lies the new information.

The brain surgeon that I saw in 2006 and who did not seem concerned with the brain stem tumor, but preferred to consider it a hammertoma, a thing more like a collection of surrounding matter and not a growing entity, had to step back with the high protein and is now sayng it is a pilotic astrocytoma. However, this is a pediatric tumor and rarely in younger adults and is cured by removal. It is slow growing but gets large. Mine, being in the stem, mid brain area, would not be a great candidate for removal, but should have been watched more carefully if it is what he is now saying and I have been lucky. I am going to Duke for a second opinion. He said he would see me every 18 mos.

Tomorrow I see a new Dr.,, a neuropathic Dr. to be assessed for CIDP. The high protein in my punch, along with the advancing numbness and neuropathy, it is halfway up my calves, and my hands that have been more like tuning forks are now becoming numb, I am getting scared. Yes, I have a B12 issue but I have much more. It makes sense. The high dose of prednisone helped me last fall, and that would be correct for CIDP. But., this disease is an autoimmine disease, a much worse case of Guillene Barr, incurable, not likely to cause death but unchecked or treated it can. It causes paralysis so my goal at this moment in time is stop this now. IVIG is the treatment thatI am assuming that they will try??? and then blood change out? I have told all of them, no more dye of any sort will go into my body and this can be brought on by vacinations. I was told by the MS doc to get each and every one that you can think of, all flu, shingles, any thing you can think of.

Scared??? hell yes. The whole game has changed. When my b12 is checked tomorrow I will post what it is.



Dr. X says

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